Flight Foods Athletes and Coaches

Fueling Excellence: Flight Foods, Trusted by Athletes and Coaches for Peak Performance.

Father Capo Working Out

Catholic Priest & Papal Missionary of Mercy

Father Capo

“Flight Foods is making an impact with amazing supplements that are part of a bigger mission than just physical fitness and nutrition. They are providing the best quality products to support the journey to stay healthy and strong in body, mind, and spirit. The best supplements to fuel the temple of the Spirit and stay fit for the Kingdom!”

Caly Dimick Soccer Portrait

Professional Soccer Player/Captain Charlotte Independence

Clay Dimick

“I wanted to work with Flight Foods because their values and beliefs align perfectly with mine. Not only are their products helping me stay at the top of my game and in good health, but I know that the people behind Flight Foods are also striving for Holiness.”

Ricky in a boxing match

Professional Boxer & Artist

Ricky "Superstar" Edwards

“Flight Foods not only tastes amazing but helps me to take my training to the next level. I resonate with the brand coming from nothing to something, it inspires me to go harder in the gym.”

Dakota Lane Athlete Portrait


Dakota Lane

“I own a fitness and nutrition coaching business with people all over the word and all 50 states. The supplements I recommend to clients, and the ones I take personally, need to be good in every aspect. Flight foods does that. All the products are quality tested. They are all made in the USA. No proprietary blends so you know exactly what you are getting. And to top it off, they donate a portion of all their profits to some incredible missions. Give them a try!”

Joe Jarrell Athlete Portrait


Joe Jarrell

" My name is Joe Jarrell, I'm an online coach who helps Catholic men build better habits so they can be strong role models for their families. I coach primarily for fitness, and I wanted to find a supplement company for myself and my clients that aligned with my values. One that I could trust, and that I knew would provide and excellent product without me ever having to worry. Thankfully, I found that in Eternal/Flight Foods. They have always treated me with respect, answered any questions I've had promptly, and have consistently provided me with a great product. For these reasons, I decided to partner with them."