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Flight Foods

Eternal Foods Pro-Fuel

Eternal Foods Pro-Fuel

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Eternal Foods is collaboration between Flight Foods and Eternal Generation. Pro-Fuel is ideal for building muscle and recovery. Pro-Fuel is also serves as a high protein snack for anyone on the go!

- 24g of protein per scoop (Cupertino Cocoa)

- Digestive enzymes help break down the protein in your stomach for better absorption and no stomach aches!

- Full BCAA profile (naturally occurring)  


Just add 4-6oz of water or add to your favorite beverage/shake!


Cupertino Cocoa pays homage to Saint Joseph of Cupertino, a saint known for his profound mystical experiences and remarkable humility. Born in 1603, Saint Joseph is revered as the patron saint of students, symbolizing the transformative power of faith in education.

Crafted with simplicity and devotion, this supplement seeks Saint Joseph's intercession to inspire students and learners on their journeys. As the heavenly patron of academics, Saint Joseph of Cupertino reminds us that while Cupertino Cocoa doesn't directly impact spirituality, the ritual of enjoying it invites moments of serenity.

May this cocoa blend become a comforting companion, indirectly fostering focus, humility, and a connection to the divine in every physical activity, leading those who partake to discover the spiritual within the ordinary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Best protein!

Bailey Johnson
Tastes great!

The protein shake is delicious! So happy I found this—will be ordering again!


Eternal Foods Pro-Fuel

Chris Baker
Eternal Foods Pro Fuel Cupertino Coco

Delicious protein and an absolute joy to receive a prayer card and handwritten note in the box! :)


Great stuff! Might be my new go to!